Author Julia Alvarez Spoke to Packed Audience at DeKalb Library

A most picture perfect event happened at the DeKalb Public Library on March 22nd….a blend of the young, old, white, black, brown, English-speaking, non-English speaking, and many more faces attended a memorable presentation by author Julia Alvarez.


There were slightly over 200 people in the Yusunas Room to hear a remarkable and passionate world-renowned author talk about the importance of diversity in literacy. She talked about being able to travel worlds within the pages of a book and how the foundation of democracy begins with ability to read. It was an enchanting evening where Ms. Alvarez stayed for the next hour and half signing hundreds of copies of her books to fans who patiently waited.

When I looked out into the sea of smiling faces, I knew that this is the DeKalb that I am proud of. This is what makes our community unique. We were all there with a common love of reading and of listening to our favorite author talk about how much she loves libraries (and librarians!). It was a magical evening that I will never forget.  #ProudlyDeKalb

–Edith Craig, Communications Manager, DeKalb Public Library