Backup Has Arrived


Years ago, I was out on a ride along with the DeKalb Police Department, with Sergeant (now Commander) Craig “Woody” Woodruff.  We were stopped on a normal call that escalated to a bad call.  Without thinking, Woody stepped between me and the danger.  His first reaction to a threat was to protect–to put himself at greater risk in order to make other safer.  That’s what police officers do every day, for all of us, across our community.  The protect and serve selflessly.


Over the years since then, I’ve been fortunate to see Woody become an able and trusted leader of our Police Department.  Always ready with a quick wit or a helpful answer, he is the kind of person you want to work with.  He speaks of his wife and his two sons, Oliver (3) and Simon (1) with the glow in his eyes of a fortunate husband and father.


This past year, Woody has been diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer.  He is doing everything possible to fight this disease, and for once, he needs others to step forward and protect him.  On June 23, the community is hosting a benefit concert for Woody at the Egyptian Theater.  Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 7:30.  There will be a brass ensemble, a Highland Guard with bagpipes and drums, a Police Honor Guard, and a headliner performance by rock/country band Luxury Pork.  Drinks and appetizers will be available.


Tickets are only $20, and all of the funds raised will go directly to the Woodruff Family Childrens’ Trust, a trust set up for the care and benefit of Oliver and Simon.  When diagnosed with Cancer, Woody’s instinct was his natural reaction to danger–to think not of himself but of others, and to want to provide for his childrens’ future.  While this is a fundraiser, more importantly it is a show of solidarity and support for a man who has served our community for 20 years, and who needs those who he has protected to return the favor.  Please consider taking a few hours of your busy weekend to come and enjoy great song and drink, and to show your support for one of our finest.

Yours truly,


Dean M. Frieders

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