Barb City Bagels named in top 10 bagel shops in Illinois!

For those accustomed to superior bagels, finding that perfect one can be challenging. There are several terrific bagel shops scattered across Illinois, serving up fresh, homemade doughy goodness every day. Most of these shops are family-run businesses that takes pride in their delicious bagels, available in a wide variety of flavors with a wide variety of toppings. For the best, check out these 10 bagel shops in the state!

For a cozy bakery experience, look no further than Barb City Bagels in downtown DeKalb. Their bagels are baked from scratch and come in flavors such as chocolate chip, poppy, and sourdough. Don’t miss their hand-blended cream cheeses, which are available in flavors like mixed berry, sun-dried tomato, honey walnut, and jalapeno.