Culture and food festival held at Hopkins Park – #proudlydekalb

For over 25 years, the weekend following Father’s Day has been reserved for the annual Greek Fest.  Greek Fest is the major fundraiser for St. George Greek Orthodox Church and is presented by volunteers / parishioners of the church.  The church has held a Greek Fest in some form throughout the over 50-year history of the parish.  Over the years, the festival has developed in to the Greek culture and food exhibition that it is today.  In the tradition of Greek hospitality, the volunteers that help to make this event happen welcome the entire community to experience the Greek culture for the weekend.  The festival includes traditional Greek dishes, desserts, and Greek dancing.  Most recently, the festival has begun to offer Greek libations (beer, wine, and coffee) as well as other beverages that have always been served.  A Greek dance troupe performs at the festival and invites visitors to participate.  A dj is also on hand playing Greek music, as well as other popular hits.
What makes this event #proudlydekalb is that a small group of volunteers work very hard to share the Greek experience with the entire community.  Although it is titled Greek Fest, all sections of our community attend and enjoy the event.  Ever year while volunteering at the event, we meet or see a cross section of our community.  All are welcome to attend and enjoy a meal, dessert, or some Greek hospitality.  My favorites include a traditional Greek pork kabob (also known as souvlaki), with a Greek salad, and Greek fries.  Then for dessert some loukoumades (Greek donuts or honey puffs) with a cold frappe.  To work off some calories, we like to join in some of the traditional Greek dances.  The Zorba dance really gets that heart rate up!
We hope to see everyone at Hopkins Park for Greek Fest this coming Saturday or Sunday 11a-8p.  OPA!

*written by Steve Lekkas and Bill Vassilogambros