DeKalb Chamber Leadership Academy Raising Funds for #ProudlyDeKalb

The DeKalb Chamber of Commerce Leadership Academy Class of 2016/2017 has been tasked with the responsibility of raising $4,000 to support on-going leadership training in our Community.  Past classes have raised these funds in a variety of ways.  This year’s class, has chosen to accomplish their fundraising goal, while raising awareness about the on-going #ProudlyDeKalb campaign.

The structure of this fundraiser is similar to that of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  With the Ice Bucket Challenge, a person would film themselves dumping a bucket of ice on their head, challenge someone else to do the same by uploading their video to Facebook, and then send a check to support ALS Research.

In the #ProudlyDeKalb Campaign, a person will take a photo of a person/group they are proud of holding the #ProudlyDeKalb sign (print your sign here). They will then send this photo to along with a few words on why they chose this person/group.  They will also make a donation in honor of their nominee by donating on-line at by clicking “donate now” or by mailing a check to 444 E. Hillcrest Dr. Suite 350, DeKalb, IL 60115.  Lastly, they will leave their #ProudlyDeKalb sign with the person/group they honored and challenge that person/group to honor someone else in our community by following the same steps.