DeKalb Fire Department Debuts New Aerial Ladder Truck


The new aerial ladder truck just came back from being detailed with the City of DeKalb colors and logos.  A new feature on the design is the #proudlydekalb logo.  DeKalb Fire Chief Eric Hicks stated, “The DeKalb Fire Department is an active supporter within the community from emergency response to community service. Because we believe DeKalb is “America’s Best City” we have prominently displayed #proudlydekalb on our new ladder truck.”

The new aerial ladder truck was purchased from a department in Florida with financial assistance from Northern Illinois University.  The new truck cost $420,000 with $275,000 coming from NIU.  This new addition to the DeKalb Fire Department is another great example of the City of DeKalb and Northern Illinois University working together for the good of the community.

“With the residence towers and other high-rise buildings, you need something like that in the unlikely event of a fire,” NIU spokesman Paul Palian said. “Not only to put out a fire, but perhaps a rescue.”

Because DeKalb’s aerial ladder truck is the only means in the immediate area for firefighters to battle fires from above the truck appears at all fires in the city and many of them in cities such as Sycamore, Genoa or Malta.

After almost 26 years of service the previous aerial ladder truck “Big John” was ready to be retired after responding to more than 2,000 fires.  The truck, which was custom built for the city in 1989, was named after captain John Isom, who died of cancer the year the truck was delivered.