DeKalb’s very own LaToya Marz was Selected as the Communications Supervisor of the Year!



Communications Coordinator LaToya Marz was selected by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) as the statewide Communications Supervisor of the Year! This is a very distinguished honor in the 911 field and the selection was made based on a number of criteria such as personal and professional conduct; work habits and personality; outstanding performance; courage and foresight; faithfulness and perseverance; and dedication to the field of public safety.

Her nomination summary from Commander Jason Leverton stated: “LaToya is a tremendous asset to the Communications Center, the Police Department, and the City. She serves with professionalism and pride. She is extremely intelligent and highly skilled. She is constantly engaged in self-improvement measures and improving the performance of the Telecommunicators. She has faced many projects, challenges, and obstacles and has consistently proven that she will apply herself to reach the best outcome possible.”

Police Chief Gene Lowery added: “LaToya has evolved from a front-line Telecommunicator to the PD’s Communications Coordinator. That evolution has not been easy, nor left without challenges. From getting staffing up to a level that has dramatically decreased overtime, to creating a feeder pool of candidates for full-time positions, to managing large projects such as 911 consolidation, she has met the challenges every step of the way. Her drive to constantly improve her skill sets and qualifications is second to none, to the extent that others have attempted to recruit her. No matter what she has done, she always represents herself and the Police Department in an exemplary manner. Even when the Chief throws her a curve ball!”

LaToya will be recognized at the annual state 911 conference in Springfield on November 6 as part a formal banquet and awards ceremony. This is a tremendous honor for LaToya and we congratulate her on this accomplishment. WAY TO GO!

*Story Provided by the DeKalb IL Police Department