DHS Students Will Participate in First Stronghold Robotics Competition

DHS Robotics Competition 2016

Submitted by: Marilyn Koonce, DeKalb School District Public Relations Intern

The DeKalb High School Robotics Team was selected to participate in the Midwest Regional First Stronghold Robotics Competition.  The competition will take place on March 30th through April 2nd at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

To prepare, the robotics team attended a kickoff session at UIC.  They were able to see the playing field on which their robots would compete.  The team also received their kits containing limited instructions and the components needed to build their robots.  With the help of their mentors, Denise Flemming and Michael Lofthouse, the team will have 6 weeks to construct a robot to meet the season’s challenge.

Prizes for winners of the First Stronghold Robotics Competition include a variety of trophies, medallions, pins, and community awards.