Give DeKalb County 2019 Results

Give DeKalb County had another successful year, raising a total of $685,762 for DeKalb County Nonprofit Organizations!

Here is the “Thank You” message from the Give DeKalb County website:

“Thank you to everyone who participated in Give DeKalb County on May 2, 2019! Give DeKalb County is a 24-hour fundraising event coordinated by the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership—a program of the DeKalb County Community Foundation.

“The amount raised in 2019 benefited 104 nonprofit organizations and funds located in or serving DeKalb County, ranging from museums and daycare facilities to food pantries and theater to counseling and social service agencies. Your donation extends beyond any one organization’s mission, as your support celebrates the philanthropic spirit and generosity that unites all of DeKalb County. Thanks again!”

Total Raised: $685,762
Total Donors: 1,877
Nonprofits: 104

The top organizations, as far as dollars raised, were Hope Haven ($51,156) and Family Service Agency ($50,688).

Safe Passage (227) and Tails Humane Society (199) had the most donors.

View the complete 2019 Give DeKalb County Leaderboard

*Story provided by Dekalb County Online