Glidden Florist is #proudlydekalb

Glidden Florist is #proudlydekalb because DeKalb has been the home of our business for over 75 years.  We have been reinventing ourselves every 10 years or so – We have grown with the DeKalb Community!


So we are #proudlydekalb as DeKalb reinvents itself yet again to be a town where community members encourage and support each other every day – discovering and enjoying the “Local Flavors” that makes DeKalb worth living in. We attend DeKalb area activities, shop in locally owned stores and help and encourage our neighbor’s success!


Sven Hansen with DeKalb Florist “I am #proudlydekalb because it is my home town. I was born here, raised a family of 4 kids here, and have my flower shop business here. My Mom, 89 years old, still lives in DeKalb in her home.  We both need the support of this beautiful town with great history and above all, great potential. Let’s all do everything we can to make our city strong and vibrant by attending in-town events, shopping at stores owned by community members and participating every day in “DeKalb”!