Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra Thrilled with NIU Intern Victoria Diemer

Victoria Diemer is a senior at Northern Illinois University, pursuing a BA in Community Leadership and Civic Engagement (CLCE) with a minor in Psychology. She has recently become much more involved in DeKalb.

“I have the privilege of working with the Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra (KSO) as their intern for my final semester at NIU,” Victoria explains.

KSO, Victoria Diemer

The internship program is a collaboration between Northern Illinois University’s Center for NGO Leadership and Development (NGOLD) and the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership (DCNP). Financial stipends for interns are made possible through support from the Douglas C. and Lynn M. Roberts Family Foundation.

“The KSO is a fantastic symphony located right in our backyard!” Victoria notes. “They bring together the people in our community who are musicians, music enthusiasts, and those new to the musical world. They inspire both young and young-at-heart musicians in so many ways, and they truly enrich DeKalb.”


Victoria continues, “KSO and the people involved there are inspiring me to come up with creative ways to make our events even better.” Victoria looks forward to a busy month of May with Give Local DeKalb County on May 3, the KSO’s Spring Concert on May 7, and her graduation from NIU on May 14.

Tamara Farrell, KSO publicist and music librarian, enjoys working with Victoria and the fresh ideas she brings to the organization. Farrell says, “I have been impressed each semester with the talented students from the NGOLD-DCNP Internship Program.”