New Community Choir – Looking to Grow

Have you, or a loved one had a stroke? Come join our choir!

The Northern Illinois University Communication Disorders Department is conducting a study to determine if group singing is an effective way to increase communication and quality of life for people who have had a stroke. Existing research shows that singing can support language after a stroke, and any person who has had a stroke or focal brain injury is welcome to join in the fun! There is no cost, and rehearsals will be held in the DeKalb/Sycamore area.

Participants will be asked to participate in 90-minute choir rehearsals once a week for 10 weeks.  All interested and eligible individuals will be asked to complete a one-time language evaluation before choir rehearsals begin, and one evaluation after the choir is completed.  Research collection will focus on individuals with aphasia, a language disorder that commonly affects people after a stroke or focal brain injury. No need to be the best singer – we hope to have fun and help!

We’ll start singing this fall – for more information please contact Elizabeth Lanza at or call 630-244-3921 – we hope to sing with you soon!