NIU P-20 Center Presents BLOCK Fest

NIU’s P-20 Center was thrilled to bring BLOCK Fest® to families in DeKalb this summer in partnership with the DeKalb Public Library. BLOCK Fest® is a research based multi-dimensional learning experience for children ages 8 months to 8 years and their caregivers. Families take what they learn about block play at the event and continue the experience at home, increasing their children’s skills in literacy, numeracy, and socioemotional interactions.20160610_101917

The event drew dozen of kids and families and resulted in fun and interactive foundational playtime.  According to an interview with Debra Pixton, Director of the Northern Illinois University Center for P-20 Engagement, published by the Daily Chronicle, “what we’re really trying to do with Block Fest is enable parents to engage with their children in block play in a way that helps them lay a strong foundation for future skills in science, engineering, technology and math.”