NIU students win international competition for supermileage car

DeKalb (WREX)- The Northern Illinois University Supermileage team took home first place in the Shell Eco-Marathon Competition earlier this month.

The school says the team created a car that goes more than 1,500 miles on a single gallon of gas, that’s about the distance from DeKalb to California.

The team won first place in the Internal Combustion Engine Prototype category.

“It means a lot,” said Josh Helsper, a member on the NIU Supermileage team. “As far as engineering schools go, we’re not a big one. So, the fact that we are competitive on that kind of level to go to an international competition and do well, that means a lot.”

NIU competed against 27 teams from across the world at the event.

“It is great to be a part of this team,” said Lauren Bangert, who is also on the team. “I love hanging out with them and being able to design, build and compete that vehicle. Being out there is just wonderful.”


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