#ProudlyDeKalb March Blurb and “What Proudly DeKalb” means to me with Dawn Littlefield

Kishwaukee United Way is excited to be working in collaboration with local community partners to bring Money Smart Week 2019 programming to DeKalb, Lee and LaSalle Counties.Money Smart Week is a public education campaign sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago to promote financial wellness across all age groups and program topics. We will host dozens of FREE sessions the week of April 30 through March 6 at locations in DeKalb, Lee & LaSalle Counties. Money Smart Week partners will present on topics covering all facets of personal finance– from establishing a budget to tax reform changes, estate planning, credit card information, how to eat healthy on a budget, kids reads, saving for college, and much more! #proudlydekalb


What #proudlydekalbmeans to me:

I have been a DeKalb resident for nearly 30 years. I have worked on staff at NIU. I met and married my husband of nearly 20 years here. I watched my son thrive in the DeKalb school system. I met ‘friends for life’ friends, and am lucky to live in an awesome neighborhood. I have worked in the nonprofit realm for over 20 years at United Way, and see daily the impressive commitment local agencies have to serving others and lifting them up when they need support and services. I am proud to be a contributor to this work. I am proud of our community connectedness, and of the ways that we help neighbors and friends in need.

I am #proudlydekalb    ~ Dawn Littlefield