#Proudlydekalb Stories

My name is Cate Cardella! I was born and raised in DeKalb, my parents still live in the same brick house on South Second street. At one time we even had a white picket fence. I was able to attend Tyler elementary school, the building my mom helped open with principal George Riccio in 1969 and in 2012 I taught Kindergarten in the same room where Donna Bennett taught me. In 1995 I moved to Clearwater, Florida but despite meeting some life long friends, never really felt like I could get my roots planted there. In 2011 I came up for a summer visit and fell in love with my high school friend, Fred Cardella. Three months and one day later we were married. Today we live in the Historic Ellwood Neighborhood with our son Clayton, two dogs and two cats.

I’m proud to live in a community where we all know each other within three degrees. A community where you can’t just run up to Jewel without bumping in to two or twelve people you know. (This can be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look.) I’m proud to attend events like Kite Fest, Music at the Mansion and the Back to School Bash. I’m proud to campaign for quality candidates during local elections, go for bike rides on beautiful trails and cheer on Corn Classic runners past our house. I love hearing the NIU marching band practice from back yard, teaching in a school district rich with diversity and raising my child among friends who are family.
That’s why I’m #proudlydekalb

*Submitted by Cate Cardella