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OC Creative Welcomes Leslie Latimer to the Team

Sometimes a thing just works.

This summer OC invited three interns to join them, and while they loved them all and wanted to keep them, they didn’t have permanent spots for everyone to fill. Leslie Latimer, however, filled the full-time graphic designer spot, and she’s been working hard ever since settling in to her role.

Leslie grew up in Waterman, IL, where she went to Indian Creek High School before attending Columbia College in Chicago and earning a degree in studio art. She then went on to NIU, where she earned a degree in visual communications (graphic design, for those of us not up on the lingo).

When she’s not working her magic in the office, you can find her delivering stellar customer service and artistic work for Blumen Gardens. Outside of work, she likes to bake, take in the local flavor on her bike, and tend to her home jungle.

Before taking on her position at OC, Leslie served as an intern for the graphic design department at NIU.

“The real world experience I’ve gotten in my first two months here has taught me so much, and I’m excited for what the future holds,” says Leslie.

Creative Director and President Brian Oster adds, “Her summer designs were extraordinary, and she made the choice an easy one. Leslie has already accomplished branding projects and national magazine ads for our clients in the few months she has been on board. I can’t wait to unleash more of her creative potential.”

OC Creative is thrilled to call Leslie a part of the team, and they hope you’re as excited to work with her as they are!