Teacher Highlight: Littlejohn Elementary School

Proudly DeKalb would like to present a series of Teacher Highlights to showcase some of our town’s outstanding teachers. We want to highlight individuals who work hard to create a welcoming community and strengthen our Proudly DeKalb spirit!

This week we talked to Principal Billy Hueramo from Littlejohn Elementary. We were seeking a teacher who stood out and went above and beyond normal teacher expectations, but Hueramo couldn’t choose just one teacher. He felt his staff was “one of a kind”.

In the photo, each teacher is holding a paper with the number of years they have worked at Lj helping develop the minds of our young children.

The teachers at Lj go above and beyond to meet the needs of their students that come from several different backgrounds.  The staff has become like a family with one thing at the center of their core…the students.  Many people do not see what the staff does on a daily basis, yet some are quick to judge.  There are many obstacles that the teachers conquer on a daily basis and they do this together. Hueramo says, “We don’t do our jobs awaiting appreciation, we do our jobs because we know we are making a difference in students’ lives.”

Proudly DeKalb thanks the staff at Littlejohn Elementary for creating a positive community for the young members in our community.